We take responsibility

We value the responsible use of plastics


Eureka Plast cares about
the next generations.
For us, sustainability                      

means taking responsibility.

We take responsibility for promoting plastic as a product of great environmental value, as long as it is used, reused and recycled responsibly so that it does not end up in the environment.



We consistently seek new sources of recycled plastic and bioplastic, increasing supply and promoting its use.

Sustainability Practice


All plastic materials, in addition to being reusable, are 100 % recyclable.

Sustainability Practice


Care across all phases of the logistical process helps to minimise the environmental impact.

Sustainability Practice


By optimising transport, we reduce the environmental footprint of carbon emissions.

Responsibility and sensibility 

We are registered with the most relevant Associations in the plastics sector, where companies that belong to all stages of our life cycle are represented. 

We have a responsibility both to our partners and to the environment. We are responsible for the quality of our service and products, but also for their sustainability. We aim to raise awareness among all our suppliers, partners and customers for sustainability practices within the plastics sector.

“We have a responsibility both to our partners and to the environment”

Identities we are associated with

Operation Clean Sweep